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‧˚ Toggles [NSFW - DL = Dissolve] ˚‧

✦ Top [DL]

✦ Hoodie [DL]

✦ Shorts [DL]

✦ Panties [DL]

✦ Pasties [DL]

✦ Boots [DL]

✦ Arm straps [DL]

✦ Leg straps [DL]

✦ Knee pads [DL]

✦ Glove [DL]

✦ Bandage [DL]

✦ Belts [+ machete on the back, 2 different toggles] [DL]

✦ Goggles

✦ Piercing

✦ Tail & Ears

‧˚ Customization ˚‧

✦ White/Colored Emissions on hair, ears, tail & skin

✦ Radial puppet for emission strenght and hue shifts

✦ Eye hue shift -> Eye Material swap to both red/1 red 1 white

✦ Radial skin color wheel

✦ Military texture on top/shorts -> blank textures

✦ Top & shorts color change -> Black/whiter -> red -> green [Blank textures do the same]

✦ RGB Mode

✦ Bandage color [Bloody -> No blood]

✦ Bloody -> Normal skin texture

✦ Glitter Strength

✦ Brightness radial puppet [black clothes -> white clothes]

‧˚ 3 Different hairstyles ˚‧

✦ Ponytail, long & short hair

✦ 5 Different material swaps for the hair [Black, pink, blonde, white & brown, pink with hueshift]

‧˚ DPS [5 orifaces + 1 penetrator]˚‧

Pussy, Right hand, Mouth, Boobs, Ass & Dick

‧˚ Sliders ˚‧

✦ Radial puppet for ass & boob size

✦ Toggle for top up, flash 1 boob or both

✦ Panty slider

✦ Ear & tail scaler

‧˚ Toys˚‧

✦ Machete in right hand & baseball bat in left with dissolve toggles

✦ Bloody/non bloody textures for both weapons

✦ Finger trails

✦ VRLabs marker

✦ CAMs throwjoint

‧˚ Extra˚‧

✦Custom menu icons all made by me!

✦ Emotes

✦ FBT ready

✦ Clean package + upload ready

✦ 7 custom face gestures with ear movement

✦ Physbones/colliders where needed

✦ Swaying tail animation

✦ Locomotion fix [+ fixed animations for prone, crouch, standing etc]

✦ Contact receivers [Boop with particle & sound effect, Headpat with particle effect & Eye Touch]

Dynamic Penetration System is not included. This avatar is NOT optimized, meaning NOT QUEST.


=If you want to gift someone, you NEED to follow this link and put in both yours and their discord/VRChat names https://customers.gumroad.com/article/213-how-do-i-give-a-product-as-a-gift.

=NO redestribution of my packages. No leaking/ripping/sharing or uploads to other accounts. You are NOT allowed to have someone else upload for you unless both purchased the model from me (without any charge).

=NO profiting off of my avatar. If used for streaming, or any other public platform you need credit WITH a link to my shop. You are NOT allowed to pay someone to edit this avatar in any way.

=NO uploading publicly

=NO reselling or claiming as your own.

=NO price splitting.

=NO refunds.

=To be allowed to use my avatars you NEED a personal license, and it is ONLY valid if you have provided the correct information when purchased.

By purchasing any of my models you automatically agree to the rules I have listed. By breaking these rules I will take action. 

Credit list with links:

Base: とりにゃん#1295 [HERE, Texture edited by me]

Head: nikkie#0088 [HERE]

Shorts + Top + Goggles: juuul#3822 [HERE, Texture edited by me]

Long hair: OniiGirii#5977 [HERE]

Short hair: B o o#8584 [HERE]

Ponytail: ничто#6666 [HERE]

Panties & belt: vampi#1911 [HERE, Texture edited by me]

Hoodie + belly piercing: velvet#0888 [HERE, Texture edited by me]

Tail: Ourse#6842 [HERE]

Ears: xutza#3388 [HERE]

Shoes: Renipuff#3700 [HERE, Texture edit by me]

Made and textured by me [Tilly#5746]:

Machete + belt, glove, leg harness, knee pads, skin texture, hair pins, baseball bat & pasties [NO RE-USE, some assets can be found in my nitro + gumroad]

=You are NOT allowed to take/reuse any of these assets (Meshes, Texture Edits/Icons) for personal or selling use. You HAVE to purchase/download from the original source. If you need any more info, spot any issues or need help feel free to DM me on discord @ Tilly#5746 

Please respect my rules and the hard work I have put in. Feel free to join my server for more upcoming content! https://discord.gg/sillytilly


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