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≣*.✧ Unity 2019.4.31f1 & SDK 3.0 ✧.*≣


✧Dissolve Toggles [NSFW ]✧

Clothes: Bodysuit, Shorts, Shoes, Bra, Panties, Pasties [nipple piercing appear when pasties are taken off].

Accessories: Claws, Blindfold, Necklace, Leg Harness, Chest Harness, Arm Straps.

Extra: Demon mode (Horns, Wings, Tail + Horns 2), Wolf mode [Wolf Ears + Tail]. [Both with swaying tail animation].

2 Different hairstyles, Long hair & Ponytail [Not dissolve].

✧Hue Shift✧

White/Black Material swap on all of the clothes.

3 Different Skin tones: Pale, Tan & Dark.

4 Different Hair colors: Red, White, Black & Black/White.

Hue shift on tattooes, eyes, wings, hair & horns.

Moving Emissions on the tattooes, wings, horns & eyes.


Ass & Tits slider for bigger booba and butt.

Wings slider for big and small wings.


Scythe with dissolve toggles and a slider to make it longer.

Glowing knife with dissolve toggles.

Cam's ThrowJoint Lite.

VRLabs marker with customization.


5 Orifices, 1 penetrator. Vag, Booba, Butt, Right Hand, Mouth (With custom facial expression) + Futa.


40 Custom Icons drawn by me.

Full Body Ready.

Emotes + AFK + idle animations.

7 Custom Facial animations.

Dynamic bones + Colliders where needed.

FBX/Prefab included.

!!You need to purchase Raliv’s Dynamic Penetration System yourself to import!! SDK, Poiyomi, is included in the package. 

Please do not buy this avatar if you have no unity upload experience. This avatar is NOT quest compatible.


=If you want to gift someone, you NEED to follow this link and put in both yours and their discord/VRChat names https://customers.gumroad.com/article/213-how-do-i-give-a-product-as-a-gift.

=NO redestribution of my packages. No leaking/ripping/sharing or uploads to other accounts. You are NOT allowed to have someone else upload for you unless both purchased the model from me (without any charge).

=NO profiting off of my avatar. If used for streaming, or any other public platform you need credit WITH a link to my shop. You are NOT allowed to pay someone to edit this avatar in any way.

=NO uploading publicly

=NO reselling or claiming as your own.

=NO price splitting.

=NO refunds.

=To be allowed to use my avatars you NEED a personal license, and it is ONLY valid if you have provided the correct information when purchased.

By purchasing any of my models you automatically agree to the rules I have listed. By breaking these rules I will take action. 


Head: kri#1214, [HERE]

Body + Matcap: Pandaabear#9873 [HERE]

Bra, Panties + Leg Harness + Horns: Ante#5652, [HERE]

Heels: Renipuff#3700, [HERE]

Body texture: LuckysRevenge#4444, [HERE]

Arm accessorie: Cupkake#6666 [Nitro, HERE]

Bodysuit: wen#4076 [HERE]

Hair: OniiGirii#5977, [HERE]

Ponytail: Queen_Rose#8989 [HERE]

Claws + harness: Darcy#0005, [Nitro, [HERE]

Shorts: ничто#6666 [HERE]

Piercings + Necklace: Nave#1810 [Nitro, [HERE]

Blindfold: babybeee#2201, [HERE]

Pasties: Halies#0010, [HERE]

Horns: [HERE]

Tail: Jorgen#2328 [HERE]

Ears: Boobers#8584, [HERE]

Wings + tail: No Fox Given#7901 [HERE]

Scythe + knife: Bea#3753, [HERE] [SCYTHE - COMMISSION]

Glitter Mask: Miriloo#8133 [HERE]

Locomotion Fix: [HERE]

Model for showcase video: Noxy_#8867

You are NOT allowed to take off/use any of these assets from the avatar, this also includes the mesh/texture edits that have been made by me. These links takes you where you can find the rightful creator and where you are expected to buy/get it if you want to use it for personal/commercial use. If you have any further questions, finds an issue etc, feel free to DM me @ Tilly#5746

  • SDK
  • Poiyomi
  • Package
  • Dynamic Bones
  • DPS
  • SDK✔️
  • Poiyomi✔️
  • Package ✔️
  • Dynamic Bones
  • DPS


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