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Liv (PC)

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゚+*:ꔫ:*﹤ Unity 2019.4.31f1 & SDK 3.0 ﹥*:ꔫ:*+゚

This is an old, outdated model. Please keep this in mind before purchasing, it might come with issues and I am not planning on updating this. It is not updated with VCC, use the SDK that is included.

She uses phys bones and she is not optimized [NOT quest]!

Avatar Server -> https://discord.gg/SillyTilly

‧˚✿ Dissolve Toggles ✿˚‧

✿ Top

✿ Shorts

✿ Panties

✿ Pasties

✿ Slippers

✿ Arm warmers

✿ Garter

✿ Ears

✿ Tail

✿ Collar

✿ Band aids

✿ Piercing

✿ 2 hairstyles [Long & short]

‧˚✿ Hueshifts ✿˚‧

✿ Hueshift on all pink parts.

✿ Eye hueshift.

✿ Inverted colors.

✿ 5 different haircolors.

✿ 5 different puppy textures [husky, spotted, brown etc].

✿ RGB mode!

‧˚✿ Extra ✿˚‧

✿ 2 different skin tones [pale & tan].

✿ Top can go up/down [covering the pasties].

✿ Dissolve toggle with/without plushy.

✿ 7 custom facial expressions + boop & headpat expressions!

✿ Cute tail wag animation.

✿ Emotes.

✿ VRLabs marker!


=If you want to gift someone, you NEED to follow this link and put in both yours and their discord/VRChat names https://customers.gumroad.com/article/213-how-do-i-give-a-product-as-a-gift.

=NO redestribution of my packages. No leaking/ripping/sharing or uploads to other accounts. You are NOT allowed to have someone else upload for you unless both purchased the model from me (without any charge).

=NO profiting off of my avatar. If used for streaming, or any other public platform you need credit WITH a link to my shop. You are NOT allowed to pay someone to edit this avatar in any way.

=NO uploading publicly

=NO reselling or claiming as your own.

=NO price splitting.

=NO refunds.

=To be allowed to use my avatars you NEED a personal license, and it is ONLY valid if you have provided the correct information when purchased and bought from MY store.

By purchasing any of my models you automatically agree to the rules I have listed. By breaking these rules I will take action. 

Credit with links:

Base, head, top & pasties: とりにゃん#1295 [HERE] [Heavily edited & retextured by me, NO RE-USE]

Hair texture: Cicieaaa#7777 [HERE]

Short hair: moobean#8827 [HERE]

Long hair: Weebshavegay#6969 [HERE] [Edited by me, NO RE-USE]

Heart particles: Gemini#4086 [HERE]

Arm Warmers: mikan#7511 [HERE] [Edited & retextured by me, NO RE-USE]

Puppy collar: Xelyo#0066 [HERE]

Eye texture: batzy#0001 [HERE] [NO RE-USE]

Assets made by me:

Shorts, Panties, Thigh highs, Garter, Slippers, Ears, Tail, Piercings, Bandaids & Plush. [NO RE-USE, these can be found in my shop & my server]

=You are NOT allowed to take/reuse any of these assets (Meshes, Texture Edits/Icons) for personal or selling use. You HAVE to purchase/download from the original source. If you need any more info, spot any issues or need help feel free to create a ticket in my server [HERE]

Please respect my rules and the hard work I have put in. 

I want this!
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Liv (PC)

36 ratings
I want this!